Bug Fixes

Hi guys, as promised, here is the bug fix for v17.0 It only includes the new mobile homepage, so all you have to do is replace pages/lite/index.php fixed unit conversion fixed encoding minor optimizations Those of you who need link to the bug fix for v16, can use this: http://www.meteotemplate.com/download/fixes/bugFixes_16.0.zip The new bug fix can … Read more

Meteotemplate 17.0 Nectarine

Hi guys, new version of Meteotemplate is now available – Meteotemplate 17.0 Nectarine. It is not a major update but it does include one major new feature and a few tweaks and bug fixes. I´ve heard it so many times – Jachym, the mobile homepage is not working correctly on my phone… I explained that … Read more

Meteotemplate – news

Hi guys, just some information about what is coming/was changed. If you have not yet registered on the forum or are a new user, you are now required to specify your station model during registration. Previously this field was optional, but I will no longer accept registration without model specified – this is an efficient … Read more

Q/A – Nov 26, 2017

Hi guys, another set of common questions/answers and tips. Why is it not possible to update the database directly and I must use the API? This is because the API script is quite complex and apart from just saving data to the database, it handles data validation, caching, current conditions file creation, data aggregation etc. … Read more