Q/A – Oct 13, 2017

Hi guys, another set of common questions/answers and tips. You mentioned on the forum that you want to delete the auto-update feature because it does not work for all, will it remain in the template? Yes it will, I released a fix, which helped many people. There are, unfortunately, still users for whom this does … Read more

Meteotemplate 16.0 Physalis – Bug Fix Package

Hi guys, first and hopefully last bug fix package for version 16. fix for non-functional link to update setup in control panel fix for redundant links to asteroids page fix for installing blocks with subfolders compatibility fixes for block/plugin updates The auto-update and install function will remain part of the template, though it will not … Read more

V16 – Known Bugs

Hi guys, over the course of the last few days I put together a list of things which are not working correctly and need fixing, so far I have this: control panel – database update setup does not trigger redirection to the correct page -> will be fixed missing Guadelope squared flag – will be … Read more

Meteotemplate 16.0 Physalis

Hi guys, I finally decided what to include in this new version 16.0 Physalis and got a green light from our primary tester Luc to release it. Still, it is a bit of a gamble because as you will see, some things simply cannot be tested 100% unless they are really released and subjected to … Read more