Plugin update – User Map 2.0 + new features for the menu

Hi guys, I updated the user map plugin. It is amazing to see how many people are installing this and over the past couple of weeks I have been adding at least 2-3 people a day, currently the user count is very close to 270 🙂 The updated version also shows you the number of … Read more


Stickers – stand-alone for Weather Display and Cumulus

Hi guys, I created a new section “Stand-alone scripts” on the Extras page at meteotemplate.com. This section will include download files of some of the Meteotemplate scripts, but completely rewritten so that they work stand-alone. You can use those on any webpage you want, however, if you are using Meteotemplate, then use the corresponding plugin/block … Read more


Plugin Update – Wind Direction 2.0

Hi guys, the updated version for the Wind Direction plugin includes a new page with “interval graphs”. Simply select an interval and then select if you want to include wind speed or wind gust and it will draw a wind direction graph, where the color of the points corresponds to the Beaufort scale so you … Read more


Plugin Update – Webcam 2.0

Hi guys, I have updated the webcam plugin. This is a major update, which includes the following changes/new features: creates a daily video timelapse from the available images (interval between looping the images can be set up in the settings) possibility to set recording only during day time (from one hour before sun rise to one … Read more


Bug Fixes 9.1

Hi guys, I waited several days to give people time to report any potential problems. Based on your comments I know released a bug fixes package, which contains two changes. Update should be very simple, just replace the corresponding pages. Fixes: optimization of interval summary – the script now much better handles larger time intervals. … Read more