New Plugin – Climate Germany

Hi guys, I created another country-specific plugin, this time for Germany. This plugin shows average temperature, precipitation and sun shine duration for various German regions and Germany as a whole, grouped by years, months or seasons. The plugin includes both graphs and tables, which are sortable and also some general statistical information. DEMO No need to … Read more


Meteotemplate 8.0 Pineapple

Hi guys, the promised new version of the template is here! Meteotemplate 8.0 Pineapple! As I promised, this version is more about improving the existing and as you will now see, will make your life much easier and also greatly improve the user experience as it not only corrects many bugs, but also speeds up … Read more


New Plugin – Daily Weather Maps U.S.

Hi guys, I created a new plugin to display daily weather maps for the region of the United States. The plugin includes maps of synoptic situation, daily max/min temperatures and precipitation sum, grouped by days. The data is available since 2003. In addition, each map is clickable and clicking on it shows you more details. … Read more


Block Update – Interactive Graph 3.0

Hi guys, based on a suggestion from one of you I updated the interactiveGraph block. In the new version, you can now set the colors of the individual graphs. Just be careful and make sure if you change the “default” that the color you choose is nicely visible using the theme you chose for your homepage. … Read more


New Block – Maps France

Hi guys, I created a new block to display maps of current conditions for various parameters such as temperature, precipitation, insolation, pressure, humidity, wind speed etc. The image auto-updates. You can choose a particular region and view a detailed map. Each image can also be clicked and displayed in a popup in full-screen mode. Although … Read more


Meteotemplate – 1st Anniversary!

Hi guys, as unbelievable as it may sound, Meteotemplate celebrates today its first anniversary! Today´s newsletter is therefore a special issue, which provides a very short recap at what happened, how it all began and also mentions what is coming next. The only thing other thing I want to emphasize again here is that this … Read more


Meteotemplate Mobile 0.1 Strawberry Cheesecake

Hi guys, some time around Christmas I wanted to take a little break from all the new stuff I was learning about PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS…. and just out of curiosity I looked at what exactly is “a mobile app”, how it works etc etc.I soon realized it is something totally different, just like if … Read more