New Block – Forecast – Graphical

Hi guys, This new block shows a 48h forecast as an interactive image with a slider to slide through days. The background will reflect the forecasted condition and show for example animated rain, lightning (when thunderstorm is forecasted), falling snow, sun, sunrise, sunset, fog etc. In addition you can also see the forecasted conditions (temperature, … Read more

Plugin Update – Canada Monthly Summaries 1.1

Hi guys, your current version is no longer working due to changes in data source. This update should fix this. If you are updating this plugin, please do the following: update the plugin as usual, by replacing all the files then go to your server and in the canadaMonthlySummary you will find a folder called … Read more

Plugin Update – BloomSky 2.0

Hi guys, this update adds support for metric units. This means that if in your template you are using metric units, all the videos will now have metric data embedded in them. Update instructions: If want to update the plugin, replace the update.php. The videos with metric units will start appearing tomorrow, when a new … Read more

Block Update – Current Conditions 12.0

Hi guys, in this new version I extended the highlight feature. Originally, everytime the script triggered update, the timestamp flashed. Now the timestamp will only flash if that update loaded new values. So if the block update interval is shorter and the same conditions are loaded again during update, the timestamp will not flash. Second, … Read more

WeatherLink Users – Important!

Hi guys, if you are using the wlIP (weatherlink) plugin to update your database then your station data is currently not being saved to the database. Davis made some changes yesterday evening to their XML feed and the result is that the XML feed is not a proper XML and therefore is not parsed by … Read more