Bug Fix Package – IMPORTANT!

Hi guys, I discovered a problem with the block versioning and I would ask you to please install this bug fixes package 9.3, which will also help me because it will substantially decrease the load on my server while loading block versions etc. But there is also another fix in the block versioning so it is … Read more


Plugin Update – Snow 4.0 + Menu update

Hi guys, I updated the Snow plugin. For the majority of Meteotemplate users the winter is about to start, so I thought it would be nice to make your life easier again and also add some new features. The updated version now groups the monthly reports by years, this means you will see them nicely … Read more


Block Update – YouTube 2.0

Hi guys, based on your feedback I updated the YouTube block. There are now some new options and customizations possible. New features: possibility to choose which tab should be opened by default (Uploads, Featured or Playlists) possibility to hide the top header with channel name, icon and subscription button If you are updating this block … Read more


New Plugin – Live Gauges WC (WeatherCat)

Hi guys, I prepared the LiveGauges plugin for WeatherCat, using the realtimeMT.txt. Please let me know if it works, my testing possibilities for WeatherCat are very limited. This is more or less experimental and if there are any problems I will try to update it and solve them. Also note that in order for this … Read more


Plugin Update – WeatherCat 2.1

Hi guys, I updated the WeatherCat plugin. This update includes some new variables in the realtimeMT.txt. If you are updating this plugin, just replace the realtimeMT.txt you use to upload the file to your server, ie. replace the original realtimeMT.txt saved on your PC with the new one and replace the weatherCatVersion.txt. Do not replace … Read more