Block/plugin updates – bug fixes

Hi guys, noticed a few bugs so I updated the following blocks and plugins, update should be very easy, just replace all the files. Plugin updates: Earthquakes 2.4 – fixed issue with map being hidden City Conditions 2.3 – fixed issue with map being hidden Block update: METAR weather 3.1 – fixed bug with default … Read more


METAR weather – block/plugin update

Hi guys, I updated the block and plugin for the METAR weather. Update of both includes: – support for all states in the U.S. – bug fixes Make sure that while updating it, you also delete the entire cache directory. The requirement for setup will only display to users from Canada and U.S. who need … Read more


New Block – Regional Australian radar

Hi guys, a new region-specific block is now available, this time for Australia. This block shows an animated regional radar image. Follow the instructions in the setup. The time should be converted to your station timezone. Note: in the demo I intentionally increased the cache interval to 1 hour so the image will be a … Read more


Block Update – Warnings US Regional 3.0

Hi guys, I have updated the US regional warnings block. In version 3.0 it is now possible to set multiple locations to check the warnings. Simply set as many zones as you want (however bear in mind that more zones = longer loading time, so I do not recommend setting more than 5) and separate … Read more