Template Versioning – How to update

Hi guys, to help you understand the logic behind updates I will try to clarify it a little bit. The template has a major version number and a minor version number. Example: Meteotemplate 14.2 – major version number is 14, minor version number is 2 New Installation download the Main download file which will install … Read moreTemplate Versioning – How to update

Meteotemplate Recommended Software

Hi guys, at the Meteotemplate homepage I added a new section on the left “Recommended Software”. In this section you will find a list of SW, which support the API and thus guarantee you will be able to use Meteotemplate to its full potential, ensuring highly accurate and reliable data and very easy to set … Read moreMeteotemplate Recommended Software

New Stand-alone Script – Stickers for Weather Underground

Hi guys, based on the Stickers plugin for Meteotemplate I have created another stand-alone script, like the other ones for Weather Display and Cumulus. In this case all you need is to provide your WU ID and a few details about what units and location you want to use and you are ready to go. … Read moreNew Stand-alone Script – Stickers for Weather Underground

Translations page – new graph

Hi guys, as unbelievable as it seems, there is already 23 languages available, over 1600 strings for translation, and 14 languages have over 90% of translations available! This obviously is something you have extremely helped me with and would not be possible without you! Let me once again emphasize that every single translation has been done … Read moreTranslations page – new graph

Meteotemplate – Google Rank

Hi guys, thanks to all of you, by more and more users Google seems to have noticed Meteotemplate is quite popular. Many common phrases now show it quite high in google results (tested using incognito mode with no context results). Here is an example for “weather template”, where Meteotemplate is at the very first position … Read moreMeteotemplate – Google Rank

Stickers – stand-alone for Weather Display and Cumulus

Hi guys, I created a new section “Stand-alone scripts” on the Extras page at meteotemplate.com. This section will include download files of some of the Meteotemplate scripts, but completely rewritten so that they work stand-alone. You can use those on any webpage you want, however, if you are using Meteotemplate, then use the corresponding plugin/block … Read moreStickers – stand-alone for Weather Display and Cumulus

Block updates + Meteotemplate Network 2.0

Several blocks were updated: Greetings 1.1 It is now possible to set particular color for each interval. This however means that for updating it you will also need to replace your original settings.php. The information how to do it is inside settings.php. Summary 2.0 Some new strings were added and some minor bug fixes. Also, … Read moreBlock updates + Meteotemplate Network 2.0


Meteotemplate now finally has a proper documentation, which hopefully will make the installation process much easier for those who would like to start using Meteotemplate. I also emphasized and explained things that I am most often asked about. New wiki has been updated to reflect all the new features of Meteotemplate (translations, data imports, new … Read moreNew WIKI!

New graphs and Users section

An updated version of the Extended Graphs plugin has just been released. This update now contains brand new pages and graphs. First new graph is basically just like the original graph, but this time there are two parameters which you can compare side by side. In addition you can set graph type, color, grouping etc. … Read moreNew graphs and Users section