New plugin – Evapotranspiration and plugin updates

Evapotranspiration A new plugin is now available which calculates an estimate of daily evapotranspiration using the modified FAO Penman-Monteith equations. This plugin uses several parameters (daily avg temperature, humidity, pressure, elevation, day of the year, latitude, solar radiation, wind speed, height of wind speed measurement) to estimate the daily evapotranspiration. By default it loads your … Read moreNew plugin – Evapotranspiration and plugin updates

New plugin – Cloud calculations

A simple new plugin is now available, which performs various cloud related calculations, similar to the other plugins for calculating dew point and apparent temperature. Installation is very simple, just unzip and upload and add a link to your menu. DEMO DOWNLOAD On a side note, I am currently working on another plugin, which however … Read moreNew plugin – Cloud calculations

Plugin updates – three plugins have been updated

Installation – in case of all these plugins there are no settings necessary, so simply download, unzip and replace your original 1.0 files 🙂 Space Weather The space weather plugin has been updated to version 2.0 and has some new features, which many of you asked for. New in Space Weather 2.0 added K-indices – current … Read morePlugin updates – three plugins have been updated

New plugin and plugin update

New plugin – Contact There is now a new plugin available called “Contact”. I think it is pretty obvious what it does. It is a captcha-protected contact form, which users can use to send you feedback. Install: Download the zip file and open sendFeedback.php Specify the email address where you want to send the emails … Read moreNew plugin and plugin update

New Plugin – Forecast Comparison

One thing that is (was) still missing in the template was some more sophisticated forecast. Well, that is no longer true! I would like to introduce the new plugin, which I called “Forecast comparison“. I am sure it will be quite useful and it is again something I haven´t seen anywhere else, though I many … Read moreNew Plugin – Forecast Comparison