Block updates + very important info about bug fixes

Hi guys, I would like to inform you about a major change in the way bug fixes are released. As with many other things (translations, homepage etc.) over time I realized things are not ideal the way they were made at the beginning. The current model of handling bug fixes is one of the things … Read moreBlock updates + very important info about bug fixes

New country package – UK

Hi guys, another “country package“, this time for the UK. There are two new plugins and one new block. For all these you will need to get a free API key at MetOffice, the link is provided in the settings and documentation. Pressure Maps UK (and part of EU) This plugin shows surface pressure charts … Read moreNew country package – UK

New block, block updates, new language files

Hi guys, several new things. New language files First, the fall/autumn, railway/railroad etc. dilemma is now solved…. a „new“ language is now available. I changed some strings in the original gb.php and that now corresponds to British English. And there is a new file us.php, which corresponds to American English. Big thank you goes to … Read moreNew block, block updates, new language files

New “country package” – Spain

Hi guys, in Europe there is not really one integrated weather service so data is provided from various sources, in various formats – if at all. I have therefore decided to try to create sort of „country packages“ – a set of blocks/plugins for a particular country – just like the climate US and climate … Read moreNew “country package” – Spain

Stickers update + New block – Indoor Conditions

Hi guys, a few new things and updates. New Block – Indoor conditions A new block which allows you to show current indoor conditions (temperature and humidity). This only takes current data, nothing is saved in the database. Currently supported SW is Weather Display (clientraw), Cumulus (realtime) and Meteobridge (mbLive). For the last one, you … Read moreStickers update + New block – Indoor Conditions

New Plugin – Climate Canada

A new plugin is now available, in fact very similar to the previous one I made, the climate US. This time however, it is climate Canada. The plugin works in a very similar way, but there are a few differences. The plugin again consists of three separate pages. One shows detailed information about climate normals from … Read moreNew Plugin – Climate Canada