New Plugin – Climate Germany

Hi guys, I created another country-specific plugin, this time for Germany. This plugin shows average temperature, precipitation and sun shine duration for various German regions and Germany as a whole, grouped by years, months or seasons. The plugin includes both graphs and tables, which are sortable and also some general statistical information. DEMO No need to … Read moreNew Plugin – Climate Germany

New Plugin – Daily Weather Maps U.S.

Hi guys, I created a new plugin to display daily weather maps for the region of the United States. The plugin includes maps of synoptic situation, daily max/min temperatures and precipitation sum, grouped by days. The data is available since 2003. In addition, each map is clickable and clicking on it shows you more details. … Read moreNew Plugin – Daily Weather Maps U.S.

Meteotemplate – 1st Anniversary!

Hi guys, as unbelievable as it may sound, Meteotemplate celebrates today its first anniversary! Today´s newsletter is therefore a special issue, which provides a very short recap at what happened, how it all began and also mentions what is coming next. The only thing other thing I want to emphasize again here is that this … Read moreMeteotemplate – 1st Anniversary!

Meteotemplate Mobile 0.1 Strawberry Cheesecake

Hi guys, some time around Christmas I wanted to take a little break from all the new stuff I was learning about PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS…. and just out of curiosity I looked at what exactly is “a mobile app”, how it works etc etc.I soon realized it is something totally different, just like if … Read moreMeteotemplate Mobile 0.1 Strawberry Cheesecake

Block Updates – Radar AU 2.0, Radar EU 2.0, Webcam 2.0 and Snow 1.2

Hi guys, I updated the following blocks: Radar – Australia 2.0 Instead of the inner image zoom function you can now simply click the image and view it in a popup window bigger. No setup necessary. DEMO Radar – Europe 2.0 Instead of the inner image zoom function you can now simply click the image … Read moreBlock Updates – Radar AU 2.0, Radar EU 2.0, Webcam 2.0 and Snow 1.2

Plugin Updates

Hi guys, I have updated several plugins. The updates only include minor CSS changes and bug fixes and also guarantee full  compatibility with HTML5 and https servers. NOTE: These are not urgent updates. If you are not using https you do not necessarily need these (the only change you would see is fixed appearance of … Read morePlugin Updates

Block Updates – Moon phase 1.2 and Warnings Canada 2.0

Hi guys, the following two blocks were updated: Moon Phase 1.2 The update version just fixes a problem with icons. The full Moon and new Moon icons in the dark theme were the other way around.   Warnings Canada 2.0 In the new version there is a new parameter in the settings, where you can … Read moreBlock Updates – Moon phase 1.2 and Warnings Canada 2.0

Fixes package + plugin updates

Hi guys, due to recent changes in Google Maps API, an API key is now required. Existing users still have 90 days to make the corresponding changes, but I recommend the following update to everyone.   First go to Downloads section and download the latest bug fixes package. Then follow the instructions in the … Read moreFixes package + plugin updates