Plugin update – User Map 2.0 + new features for the menu

Hi guys, I updated the user map plugin. It is amazing to see how many people are installing this and over the past couple of weeks I have been adding at least 2-3 people a day, currently the user count is very close to 270 🙂 The updated version also shows you the number of … Read morePlugin update – User Map 2.0 + new features for the menu

Stickers – stand-alone for Weather Display and Cumulus

Hi guys, I created a new section “Stand-alone scripts” on the Extras page at This section will include download files of some of the Meteotemplate scripts, but completely rewritten so that they work stand-alone. You can use those on any webpage you want, however, if you are using Meteotemplate, then use the corresponding plugin/block … Read moreStickers – stand-alone for Weather Display and Cumulus

New country package – Netherlands

Hi guys, I have prepared another country package, this time for the Netherlands. This includes three new blocks. Netherlands – Current conditions This block shows average and current conditions for many stations/regions in the Netherlands (weather conditions icon, temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation) DEMO   Netherlands – Forecast This is a textual forecast (in Dutch) for … Read moreNew country package – Netherlands

Meteotemplate 9.0 Avocado

Hi guys,the time has come to another major template update. Introducing Meteotemplate 9.0 Avocado. This update is not a revolutionary, but rather evolutionary update. It brings some new features that will make your life as a webmaster even easier and more efficient, it includes a few bug fixes, but there are still also some new … Read moreMeteotemplate 9.0 Avocado

New Plugin – Canada – Monthly Summaries

Hi guys, yesterday I released a new plugin for the U.S., showing recent conditions. Now I created a similar plugin for Canada, but … it is even more sophisticated, showing more parameters and going as far back as 1840, also including possibility to switch map layers and with a sortable table of values. Again, this … Read moreNew Plugin – Canada – Monthly Summaries

New Plugin – Conditions U.S.

Hi guys, do you also think text files are boring? I found some interesting data from the U.S. Climate prediction center, which shows recent conditions. The data can be very interesting, unfortunately it is provided as text files, which are not very useful if you have thousands of stations. I therefore created a plugin that … Read moreNew Plugin – Conditions U.S.

New Plugin – Climate Maps

Hi guys, sometime around Christmas I thought about a plugin that would allow creating very sophisticated and complex climate maps. I started working on it, but never succeeded because there was just too many problems I couldn´t get over. Those of you who filled in the questionnaire probably remember the question asking what is your favorite … Read moreNew Plugin – Climate Maps

New Block – Tides & Currents U.S.

Hi guys, I created a new block with information about current water levels, water temperature etc. for various stations in the U.S., provided by the NOAA. In the setting you specify which station to use, units and cache time. The block also includes description of the abbreviations. For the current conditions you will see the … Read moreNew Block – Tides & Currents U.S.