Bug Fix Package – IMPORTANT!

Hi guys, I discovered a problem with the block versioning and I would ask you to please install this bug fixes package 9.3, which will also help me because it will substantially decrease the load on my server while loading block versions etc. But there is also another fix in the block versioning so it is … Read moreBug Fix Package – IMPORTANT!

Plugin Update – WeatherCat 2.1

Hi guys, I updated the WeatherCat plugin. This update includes some new variables in the realtimeMT.txt. If you are updating this plugin, just replace the realtimeMT.txt you use to upload the file to your server, ie. replace the original realtimeMT.txt saved on your PC with the new one and replace the weatherCatVersion.txt. Do not replace … Read morePlugin Update – WeatherCat 2.1

Plugin Update – Indoor Data 2.0

Hi guys, based on your feedback I updated the Indoor Data Plugin New/Changes: added support for WView added support for importing data from files where date and time are in separate fields bug fixes If you are only updating this plugin, then only replace index.php, indoorHistory.php and the indoorDataVersion.txt. The updateIndoor.php file in your crons … Read morePlugin Update – Indoor Data 2.0

Plugin Update – Forecast Comparison 2.0

Hi guys, the updated version of the Forecast Comparison plugin includes a full Italian localization and also changes the depracted forecastIO service to darksky.net (you can use the same API key as you use for the Outlook plugin, the caching is set to one hour, so you should be fine with the daily quota, which … Read morePlugin Update – Forecast Comparison 2.0