Plugin Update – Pollen Calendar 3.0

Hi guys, you will have to bear with me, this one takes a lot of time to do because each country requires completely different script. Here is another batch of new countries and more will come later. Added: Belgium Germany Switzerland – available in German, Italian, French and English depending on your template language settings … Read morePlugin Update – Pollen Calendar 3.0

New Plugin – Pollen Calendar

Hi guys, I created a pollen calendar for the U.K. and I decided to merge it with the already existing Czech pollen calendar. The Czech pollen calendar plugin is therefore discontinued and replaced by this general “Pollen calendar” plugin, which currently includes the original Czech one and one for the U.K. Also make sure you … Read moreNew Plugin – Pollen Calendar

Meteotemplate Recommended Software

Hi guys, at the Meteotemplate homepage I added a new section on the left “Recommended Software”. In this section you will find a list of SW, which support the API and thus guarantee you will be able to use Meteotemplate to its full potential, ensuring highly accurate and reliable data and very easy to set … Read moreMeteotemplate Recommended Software