Meteotemplate Updates

Hi guys, to help you understand how Meteotemplate now handles updates I created a little scheme in the corresponding wiki page. I also updated the update instructions, I originally forgot to mention that you of course have to also update all the files in the update package root folder (header, footer, index files etc.) … Read moreMeteotemplate Updates

Meteotemplate 14.0 Rose Apple

Hi guys, I am proud to announce a new version of Meteotemplate is now available – this time a real major update in terms of new features and another on of the “front-end” updates – meaning most of the changes are changes you can directly see on the page, help you as an admin or … Read moreMeteotemplate 14.0 Rose Apple

New Block – Forecast – Graphical

Hi guys, This new block shows a 48h forecast as an interactive image with a slider to slide through days. The background will reflect the forecasted condition and show for example animated rain, lightning (when thunderstorm is forecasted), falling snow, sun, sunrise, sunset, fog etc. In addition you can also see the forecasted conditions (temperature, … Read moreNew Block – Forecast – Graphical

New Plugin – CoCoRaHS

Hi guys, this new plugin shows data from the CoCoRaHS network regarding precipitation in the United States. Main features: data grouped by state possibility to view history data several parameters available (rain, snow, snow depth etc.) data displayed on an interactive map data displayed in a sortable table DEMO Enjoy

Plugin Update – Canada Monthly Summaries 1.1

Hi guys, your current version is no longer working due to changes in data source. This update should fix this. If you are updating this plugin, please do the following: update the plugin as usual, by replacing all the files then go to your server and in the canadaMonthlySummary you will find a folder called … Read morePlugin Update – Canada Monthly Summaries 1.1

Block Update – Current Conditions 12.0

Hi guys, in this new version I extended the highlight feature. Originally, everytime the script triggered update, the timestamp flashed. Now the timestamp will only flash if that update loaded new values. So if the block update interval is shorter and the same conditions are loaded again during update, the timestamp will not flash. Second, … Read moreBlock Update – Current Conditions 12.0

New Plugin – Wind Power

Hi guys, this new plugin calculates an estimate of wind power generated providing a particular wind speed and some other parameters. Main features: wind power calculator efficiency/blade length/wind speed graph station averages interactive animated wind icon reflecting selected wind speed DEMO Enjoy