Meteotemplate updated to version 1.1

First update of the meteotemplate core files is now available. Probably the most visible change is something many of you have asked for – the original header section is now replaced with the interactive banner. Please note that on some (minority) of servers, fetching data from external webpages is restricted. If you experience this, either change your php.ini or you will still have just the monochromatic header. Also, you might need to clear the cache (hold the refresh button longer) in order for the browser to load all the new CSS settings.

Update instructions

Download the update files from the meteotemplate website download section. This file only includes some of the files necessary for the update.

Update does not include:

  • Images and icons folders
  • Custom folder for your own sites
  • Config.php – no changes in this so you don´t need to set up everything again, the only change in this file is that since Danish language is now available, you can add this option in the langAvailable string so that it shows in the settings
  • Plugins folder – plugins work on their own and are updated separately
  • Pages/other
  • main index
  • menu items

Update procedure:

Simply replace the original files with the new ones (or add new ones). It is necessary however to make sure you change all the files updated. Some changes will only work if other files are also changed.
Here is a list of new features, changed things and fixed bugs with detailed instructions where any other setting is necessary. This can also be found in the change log.

Version 1.1 – July 24th 2015

NEW – Header section is now replaced with interactive banner showing current conditions

NEW – Main admin page now shows last time of database update

NEW – Main weather station section now shows ONLINE/OFFLINE status for the station. This is based on the difference between current time and last database update time. This interval can be changed in the pages/station/index.php, default value is 15 minutes (if you want to change this, open the file and right at the top you will see a parameter maxInterval, where you specify the value in minutes)

NEW – Admin can now set the default state of “show values” on the gauges page. Default state is now “show”. If you want to change this, open the pages/station/live.php file and at the top change the “show” to “hide” for the defaultState parameter.

ADDED – jQuery scripts are now included in the package – the original package was loading jQuery from Google server, which sometimes caused slow loading of the page
LANGUAGE – Danish is now available (thanks to Steen) – the dk.php is now included in the lang folder (must also be added in the config langAvailable string as “dk”)

CHANGED – minor tweaks in css/main.css due to new header

CHANGED – footer now shows “Template by:” instead of copyright and also includes the template version

BUG FIX – users of WD who use the wd.php for update should change one parameter in order to make sure the gust is always properly saved. If you made changes to the settings of this file the best way is to perform this change manually. Open the file wd.php file that is being regularly executed for your db and find line 117, which starts with $currentG. Now make sure you change the number in the square brackets of parameter row to 140. Line 117 should therefore look like this: $currentG = $row[140];

BUG FIX – page showing climate did not show country flag properly due to incorrect URL of the image.

BUG FIX – interactive graphs page tooltip for “alltime” showed “precipitation”

BUG FIX – Czech and English language files were causing errors due to some unwanted BOM characters

BUG FIX – several pages in the station section did not hide the solar sensor related information even if solarSensor was set to false in config.php. Now fixed.

BUG FIX – WWO forecast showed incorrect values for pressure (depending on units settings)

BUG FIX – Tmax and Tmin headers for the MySQL table in the admin section were the other way around

BUG FIX – pressure gauge did not show properly when units were set to inhg, now fixed

BUG FIX – some language characters did not show properly (fixed by changes in scripts/functions.php)

2 thoughts on “Meteotemplate updated to version 1.1

  1. I have installed the update version and everything seems fine. Not yet added the Danish language but will do that soon. All the other new additions seem to display well.

    Oh and by the way, I did not have that Google analytical code in my download.

    Again well done Jachym!

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