Plugin Update – Webcam 2.0

Plugin Update – Webcam 2.0

Hi guys,

I have updated the webcam plugin.

This is a major update, which includes the following changes/new features:

  • creates a daily video timelapse from the available images (interval between looping the images can be set up in the settings)
  • possibility to set recording only during day time (from one hour before sun rise to one hour after sun set, i.e. no images saved during night time)
  • now uses the new auto-CRON feature introduced in version 9 (uses the unified cron.php)
  • optimizations and minor bug fixes


If you are updating this plugin then also make sure that you DO NOT replace the entire plugin folder! All your already existing images are inside it so make sure you DO NOT touch the images folder inside this plugin directory!!! Also, make sure that before you run the index page you first go through the setup via your Control panel. There are some changes in the script so unless you save the new settings file, your index will not work. Once you set this new update script to the new auto CRON in the load folder, make sure you DELETE the original cron job.


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    • Hi, the problem with that is that you would need an entirely new table in the database and it would have to be completely rewritten to do that and most users do not have more than one so it would also need to be possible to disable those tables. I think it will just support one for now. Also remember this takes space on your server so having many cameras could be a problem.

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