Stickers – stand-alone for Weather Display and Cumulus

Stickers – stand-alone for Weather Display and Cumulus

Hi guys,

I created a new section “Stand-alone scripts” on the Extras page at

This section will include download files of some of the Meteotemplate scripts, but completely rewritten so that they work stand-alone. You can use those on any webpage you want, however, if you are using Meteotemplate, then use the corresponding plugin/block instead, it will be easier and offer more possibilities.

For now there are two scripts available:

  • stickers for Weather Display
  • stickers for Cumulus

These scripts are the equivalent of the Stickers plugin, but only include the interactive one.

For you this is more or less just to let you know that you should be using the Plugin, not these scripts. Or maybe if you have more than one website and would like to use some of your MT scripts also on your other page, then this is a possibility as well.

And last but not least… before someone asks….. no, I am not going to re-do all plugins and blocks like this, this is pretty much an exception 🙂 Sometimes it would not even be possible (all the MySQL related ones) and also, I really want to spend my limited free time developing scripts for MT and providing support to you guys, rather than concentrating on other things.



6 thoughts on “Stickers – stand-alone for Weather Display and Cumulus

  1. Oh – ok – was hoping it would work since for some reason my hosting provider for some reason wind allow the stickers plugin to work. Thank you!

    • No Jeff, dont put it in any directory, that is the point, you are using Meteotemplate, it is the same as the Stickers plugin, in fact it only includes one of them. For you this is useless.

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