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Plugin update – User Map 2.0 + new features for the menu

Plugin update – User Map 2.0 + new features for the menu

Hi guys,

I updated the user map plugin. It is amazing to see how many people are installing this and over the past couple of weeks I have been adding at least 2-3 people a day, currently the user count is very close to 270 🙂

The updated version also shows you the number of users from each country.

And there is one more thing – I updated the menu.php, the Admin menu now includes some special admin actions as well. You can directly go and add a new diary entry and, what is really useful, there is a direct link which will automatically update the users file so you no longer have to go to meteotemplate.com, download the users file and then upload it to your server. It is now all done automatically just by clicking the link in the menu.

The above links (diary and usermap) will obviously only show in your menu if you have those plugins installed and if you are logged in as the admin.



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