New Plugin – Indoor Data

New Plugin – Indoor Data

Hi guys,
for quite some time I have been working on this new plugin, which is probably the most extensive so far released plugin. As you have probably guessed from its name, this plugin creates a whole new section on your website with indoor conditions. Unlike the indoor block, this plugin logs the data to a database table, just like your normal weather data and you can therefore display all the tables, graphs, statistics etc.

There is a setting whether you want this to be visible publicly to anyone or only to you as an admin and this can be changed any time.

The table will use the same MySQL database as your alldata table, but it will not be saved in the actual alldata table. This is because not everyone will use this and it would also slow it down, therefore there will be a separate table called “indoor”, which is created automatically and logs the data from your indoor sensors. The data saved in this table are:
– data/time
– indoor temperature
– indoor humidity
Data update will use the same 5-minute interval as your normal weather data. It will use the version 9 auto CRON feature. What this means is that if you have already set up the CRON job for the /load/cron.php, you just have to make sure the interval is at 5 minutes at least. But you do not have to set up any other new CRON job for it.
Another great thing is that I have prepared a very flexible import script, which will allow you to import history indoor data from a CSV or a text file. This is something I would like to implement to the core template as well – it has been quite a while since I developed the original CSV import script and so this new one for the indoor data is much better in that it allows you to set the structure of your file rather than having one single accepted format which you had to create for the normal template.
In addition, I have also added a function to import data from Weather Display indoor logs, in which case you basically don´t need to set up almost anything. There is also much better error handling – you first can run a test of the import and you see exactly what would be saved and only if this works, you run the actual import. There is also no need to create the new table, this is done automatically and there is also the reformatting function which will reformat the data if the interval is not 5 minutes.

Now let´s look at the main features:

  • visibility private/public – this is very important. In the Plugin settings you select either “private” or “public”. If you choose private, all the indoor pages and a link in the menu will only be visible and accessible if you are logged in as an admin. Public obviously means it is visible and accessible to anyone and has a link in the menu. This can also be changed any time, the data is still logged. Just that when you select “private” a function is always called which checks if you are logged in, if not, you are rejected access.
  • detailed overall statistics
  • interactive graphs
  • interactive tables
  • daily reports
  • monthly reports
  • interval summary
  • import history data from TXT file, CSV file or WD indoor log file
  • reformat database data
  • auto CRON via cron.php
  • history visualization
  • units automatically adjusted based on display units specified in main settings or by user
  • SmartCaching function

The updates are currently supported from the following SW:
Weather Display
Meteobridge – in this case you need to have the LiveGaugesMB plugin installed as well

I hope you enjoy this and there will be more features added in the future. Also, since this plugin includes many pages, new icons etc. please let me know if you discover any bugs. I have relatively limited possibilities for testing the SW such as Cumulus or WD, so hopefully it will work.

Also make sure you read very carefully the documentation for installation.



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