300 users – new page :)

300 users – new page :)

Hi guys,

it is almost unbelievable, but there are already 300 of you Meteotemplate users. Exactly 501 days ago when I first released it I expected there would be maybe 5-10 people interested and that after a few weeks everyone, including me, will forget about it. Well, things evolved differently, I am really glad that most of you seem to enjoy this and I do too. Just a few numbers…

There are:

  • 300 users
  • from 39 countries
  • currently 22 languages
  • 501 days since first release

And to “celebrate” the new milestone I created a new page, nothing really special, but just a different visualization of where you are 😀

User Globe

6 thoughts on “300 users – new page :)

  1. Congratulations Jachym
    It is really impressive how you managed to create your fantastic template just by yourself alone and in such a short time.
    I wish you as much sucess in your professional career as you had with this template.

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