Summary Block – Looking for translators

Summary Block – Looking for translators

Hi guys,

many of you have asked for translated Summary block. Obviously this is a difficult task because there is lot of text and to make things worse, the text forecast is only available in English. However, since it was one of very few, yet popular blocks that were only available in English I decided to give it a try. I have completely rewritten the code for that block and made it translatable. It will however not be translated via the Translations section at, but separately.

Right now I am therefore looking for volunteers who would be willing to help with the translation of all the phrases. If you are interested, send me an email and I will email you the necessary file to translate or let you know that someone has already done your language.

I will wait until I have at least a few languages and then release this as one update rather then updating the block with each new language.

I have tried my best (be prepared that there is no way the translation will be perfect, it just isn’t possible to make it perfect unless I made unique block for each language, but it is at least better than just the English and hopefully will at least make sense if not 100%gramatically correct), now it is up to you 🙂


10 thoughts on “Summary Block – Looking for translators

  1. Jachym, you’ve probably looked at it already, but just in case …

    Have you tried the Google Translate API? Its not perfect, but may be close enough…

    • Strike that – I have google cloud API keys that I paid for from other projects, but this would not work as its not a free API – just realized that after posting

      • I know about a free API, not as good as Google, but it already is implemented in the translations section at But I wouldnt use even Google – why if I have native speakers who can do it…

        • It was a thought based on something I am currently working on at work … no slight meant … just a thought …

          Looking at the phrasing, it almost seemed it would be somethign that could be done with an API call, but 6 of one 1/2 dz of the other

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