Block Update – News Feed 2.0

Block Update – News Feed 2.0

Hi guys,

I updated the News Feed block. The block is now completely redesigned in the backend.


  • changed sliding function script
  • more setting possibilities
  • prevent up/down movement of block
  • use default admin login, no admin password necessary
  • fixed icons for light theme

Adding/deleting items no longer requires your admin password, I completely forgot about updating this previously, it now lets you do this whenever you are logged in as an admin. Also, the block no longer “jumps up and down” depending on the item length, you can set a fixed height for the block based on how long your items are. You can also use HTML tags in the text.

If you are updating this block, your items themselves will not be lost, but you need to go through the block setting to udpate the settings file as well.


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