New Plugin – Snow – U.S. Stations

New Plugin – Snow – U.S. Stations

Hi guys,

it already is or soon will be winter-time in the U.S. so I thought in addition to the block I could also make a plugin that will show you a bit more.

This plugin shows snowfall and snow depth data for stations in the U.S. You can filter the results by date, station elevation, state and the actual value. Data is visualized on a map as well as in a sortable table. You can also choose grouping –  daily value, monthly min/max/avg and total. Data is available since Jan 2016 in daily steps.

The values are available in both metric and English units.

Please note: there can be a delay, NCDC sometimes uploads new data with a few days delay, especially after weekends. This means that the latest data in some cases can be up to 3 days old. Also, if you try to load lot of data (all stations etc.) then the table at the bottom might not show up because there is not enough memory resources and the page will also take a while to load.



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