Block Update – Summary 4.0

Block Update – Summary 4.0

Hi guys,

something many of you have been asking for for quite a while. The Summary block is now available in several languages – please keep in mind – it is impossible to make a perfect translation even when not using word, but phrase translations. The point of the translation is for it to be understandable, not perfect. Every language is slightly different, uses different word order, tenses and word endings, so the only solution for a perfect translation would be a separate script for each language. Another problem is that the forecast is loaded from, and is only available in English and Norwegian.

Thanks to all who contributed the translations!

Currently available in: English, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Italian


1 thought on “Block Update – Summary 4.0

  1. Hi Jachym.
    Another great improvment, unique to Meteotemplate!
    I have checked some of the translations and the result is fantastic. Google translator wouldn’t do it with such perfection.
    Will the portuguese translation be available soon?

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