Translations page – new graph

Translations page – new graph

Hi guys,

as unbelievable as it seems, there is already 23 languages available, over 1600 strings for translation, and 14 languages have over 90% of translations available! This obviously is something you have extremely helped me with and would not be possible without you! Let me once again emphasize that every single translation has been done by a native speaker of that language.

Originally your translations were added to the translations database automatically, but this did not turn out to be ideal since sometimes people accidentally submitted untranslated strings or strings with errors. I therefore manually review and add each string myself – and that way I also get to know the languages and it is actually quite interesting and useful for me as well 🙂

And what I also did is I added a graph which shows the translation progress of all the languages:

Don’t forget to update your language files there and then 🙂



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