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New Plugin – Photo Gallery

New Plugin – Photo Gallery

Hi guys,

this new plugin allows you to create albums and then upload images to them, add image titles, album cover photos, image descriptions etc. and your users can them view them in an interactive slide show, with possibility to set the transition effect, slide show transition interval, image thumbnails etc.

Main features:

  • unlimited number of photos and albums
  • possibility to add image title and description
  • auto creation of thumbnail images
  • completely controled via GUI
  • image slideshow with over 40 transition effects to choose from
  • image grid
  • full-screen view
  • auto-play
  • album cover photos
  • supports all JPG, PNG and GIF images
  • mobile-friendly (also supports swipe gestures)

The way this works is as follows – when you are logged in to your site as the admin, you will see a link to the admin section at the plugin homepage where you can create/edit/delete the albums and photos. Your users will of course not see this link.

This something I wanted to add long time ago, but having no experience with how file upload works in PHP meant it took me some time to finally give it a try (meaning there could of course be some problems, this is the first time I created something like this and please let me know if something does not work as expected).



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