Your Weather Journal

Your Weather Journal

Hi guys,

last year I released a new version of the template as sort of a Christmas present for all Meteotemplate users.

This year I decided there will be no Christmas present for Meteotemplate users. Why? Because this year there will be a Christmas present for everyone.

It is also almost the end of the year and so it was just in time that I finally, after years of trying (not exaggarating) managed to make the function, which allows to create nice PDF files, working.

So what exactly is this?

This absolutely unique script will let you create your Weather Journal. You can set the title, the view (one or two pages/week), the language (over 20 available), you also specify your co-ordinates and timezone and the journal will include sunrise, sunset and day length as well as automatically add information about Moon phases, lunar and solar eclipses and season changes (based on hemisphere deduced from latitude). You also specify which parameters you want to track and there will be icons for various weather conditions so you can simply circle the ones that apply.

And what is more, you can either create a standard A4 PDF file, or you can select the “booklet” option, in which case you will get a file that will have the pages in A5 format and the pages will be shuffled – however, once you print it landscape and fold in half, it will suddenly all be in the right order and create a very nice A5 journal. I intentionally did not use any fancy colors so that this can be printed without using too much ink.

Please note: The script is very complicated and creating PDF files takes some time and my server is not very fast, so please be patient when waiting for the diary to be created.

I also included a little field for feedback as this obviously can be improved or extended, we still have 10 days until the New Year!

You will find the setup page in the Extras section at in the menu on the left:


2 thoughts on “Your Weather Journal

  1. Hi Jachym;

    Great work as usual! The only addition I can think of is 8.5×11 inch page size formatting. We don’t use A4 in the States.



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