3 thoughts on “Block Update – World Weather 1.2

  1. Jachym

    Not sure if this is related to upgrading or not … but I currently have
    9807,4118,44418,753692,615702,721943,804365,1105779,2348079 set as my string of WOEIDs for the plugin (Vancouver, Toronto, London, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Budapest, Sydney, Auckland) and it seems that sometimes all 9 display, sometimes only 2-3 display other times some random set displays… is this related to Yahoo! oddities?

    • Hi John,
      yes Yahoo…. the script only displays cities for which it got some data. I guess it is a compromise… Yahoo is the only free API which allows bulk downloads and that is a big plus but also means a huge load on their server and this is what then happens…

      • I did a bit of digging, using the URLs that you are pulling, each of these show up when I go directly to Yahoo… and the ones that did/didnt display were never the same… sometimes BCN showed up sometimes not…

        I think it may be on my hosts end? Perhaps timeouts pulling data. I will try some testing later this evening after work

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