Hi guys,

another year has passed since I last made a similar questionnaire, in which I asked you about what you like/don’t like about Meteotemplate, what you would want to see etc. A lot has changed, a year ago, there were no blocks, no GUI, no control panel, no translations, no newsletter etc etc. That, however, does not mean there is nothing more to add/improve. It is obviously very important for me as a developer to know what you as users want.

I would therefore like to ask you – if you want to influence where the template will be heading in the future, please fill in the questionnaire available at the URL provided below.

I obviously cannot guarantee everything you would like will be possible, but I can guarantee that I will look at every single comment you send me and also get back to you if I need some more information (so make sure you provide your valid email address). Given there is now over 400 of you it might take me some time to go through all of it, but I will eventually.

I will probably also comment on some replies in the next newsletter.

You don´t need to hurry, the questionnaire will be available for quite some time.

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