New plugin – Weather History

A new plugin is now available called the “Weather History”.

I got the idea of making this plugin when I saw the script for showing “On this day” weather events. This plugin however goes a step further and includes more information – info about significant tornadoes, earthquakes, but I have also gathered info about world weather extremes (not just US), etc.

Most importantly however, the script also uses data from your station! So you will see data for that particular day based on your own station data – for example you might see “Warmest day of the month”, “Absolute minimum temperature was measured on this day in 2014 at 12.55” etc. This makes it quite interesting because you are not just seeing data from external sources.

Installation cannot be simpler – there is nothing you need to set up, just download and upload to your server. The plugin also uses your config.php setting for solar sensor, so if you do have one, it will also use data from it, if not, it will not do any calculations with regards to solar radiation.


3 thoughts on “New plugin – Weather History

  1. Hi Jachym
    This is a very interesting plugin with lot of information.
    I wonder if would be possible to implement a search date function?

    Already looking forward to the next plugin.


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