Block Update / “New” Block

Block Update / “New” Block

Hi guys,

as one of you correctly pointed out – the “Weather Networks” block shouldn’t really include links to networks like Facebook, G+, Instagram etc.

I therefore split this block into two blocks – Weather Networks and Social Networks.

The first one now only includes links to the weather networks and the rest was moved to the new Social Networks block.

I have also deleted link to the Meteotemplate network which unfortunately is no longer working/active and so the link is useless.


If you are updating this block and you want to keep and use both blocks, this is what you can do – the weather networks block is fine. However, for the social networks block, you can copy your original settings you used in the weather networks block for these networks. So, if you want to use both, do the following:

  1. first update the weather networks block – replace weatherNetworksBlock and the config file for this block – DO NOT go to the block setup yet
  2. while in your FTP client, you will see a settings.php file in your weather networks block folder, download this file to your PC
  3. now copy the new social networks block folder to your homepage/blocks/ folder as usual
  4. now copy the original settings.php you downloaded to this new socialNetworks block folder, just like it was in the weather networks block folder
  5. done – both blocks should now work as they did before, just independently


1 thought on “Block Update / “New” Block

  1. Is there a way to have the Facebook link show my weather page rather than pointing to the top-level domain? In other words, you point Facebook to the top-level URL rather than including the path so that it points to the actual weather page.

    This is the Facebook link that you serve for my site
    The URL to my weather page is

    It makes no sense to purposefully exclude the actual weather part of the URL when we are supposedly advertising our weather page.

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