Few quick points

Few quick points

Hi guys,

just a few quick things I want to mention.

  1. questionnaire/your ideas – it is actually quite interesting, many of you suggested new features, some of which were technically not possible, some of which were really interesting and hopefully feasible ideas, which I put on my to-do list. What is interesting however is that with the exception of a single one (!), all the suggestions for new/improved features have to do with how you work with the page as the admin – in other words, not really new features for the page, but rather the way you work with the page. And if I were to summarize the responses in a single word it would be – customization. As I explained earlier in the post about the questionnaire, I sometimes have to make compromises due to the possible scenarios and also my HW and SW skills and possibilities. But I will try to add even more customization options to the already existing blocks and plugins. I understand many of you find it difficult to work directly in the code so I will try to add even more options to the GUI so that you can build your homepage exactly how you want.
  2. newsletters/emails – one problem I will soon face is that because there is now so many of you (430+), I will have to figure out how to send out these emails and newsletters. The problem is that Gmail has a limit of 500 emails/day, which with the current pace of adding new users I will reach soon. My provider also does not allow me to send more than 300 emails/day via my webhosting. There are several options – either I will have to split it and send the emails in batches over several days, or if anyone has any idea how else this could be achieved please let me know.
  3. video tutorials – several of you asked me if I could make video tutorials on YouTube. This would probably be most useful to people who have problems understanding the wiki (due to language barrier), but some might have problems with the wiki even if they are native speakers. Video is always the best thing I agree, but it would be slightly complicated because my laptop can´t handle screen capture. I was talking to a friend of mine who has a microphone and a decent PC so in case you guys think it would really be of substantial benefit, let me know, I will try to see if I could somehow find time and arrange a visit to my friend to do this (though I want to emphasize I cannot guarantee this will work out even if people show interest).
  4. blog – last thing, I also noticed that I very often get emails with questions about things I mentioned or posted in the blog. It is very important to watch the blog, in addition to new stuff or updates I also release and post info about bug fixes and important notices. Originally I sent out emails, but I do not want to disturb you so I now only do it in the blog. However, I highly recommend to you to subscribe to the blog RSS channel (link below) and that way you will always stay up-to-date, but also read about the news whenever you have time, not being disturbed by emails.

The plan now is to slowly start preparing v12 (however this will take time) and meanwhile try to add more customization options to existing pages/blocks/plugins. And occasionally release something new of course 🙂 It really all depends just on how much work I will have in my daily job, how much support is necessary and what my laptop will handle 😀

Hope you are enjoying the winter, I myself love cold weather 🙂

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