Block Update – Station Status 3.0

Block Update – Station Status 3.0

Hi guys,

the updated version of the Station Status block adds one new feature. You can now display outages of the station in the previous days and today. First you can specify if you want to show this at all. If so, you select the number of previous days to check and the block will show one of the 3 following results:

  • no outages in the given period
  • table showing the actual outages (from, to, duration)
  • in case the number of outages in that time is higher than a particular number (also specified in the settings), it will just show the total number of outages and the total offline time

On the Blocks page at, where you download the block, you can see screenshots of all the possible scenarios.

If you are updating this block make sure you update your settings, the previous settings will not work.



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