New Block – Steel Series Gauges

New Block – Steel Series Gauges

Hi guys,

because the Gauges block seems to be problematic on Apple devices and because so many of you asked for this, I tried adapting the SteelSeries plugin to a block format by optimizing it and making it more lightweight so that it loads relatively fine even as a block.

To make it even easier for you, this block will automatically load all your settings you used for the plugin, so you do not have to set up anything and it will support all the features of the SteelSeries plugin (localization, design options, other customizations, tooltips etc.). There is just no summary and links to graphs as this can be achieved by other blocks.

The only thing you have to set again is the gauge size. The block is fully responsive but you might want to make the gauge slightly smaller than in the plugin so that it looks good as a block.

Also – you have probably already deduced that this block is dependent on the SteelSeries plugin so you HAVE TO have this plugin installed. If you only wish to use this block and not the plugin then you still have to install and set up the plugin, but you can remove link from the menu.



14 thoughts on “New Block – Steel Series Gauges

    • Hi,
      the block is NOT a full replacement of the plugin – I spent a lot of time optimizing it so that it loads relatively fast and I removed some features, the LED is one of them, also the top panel etc.

  1. Set the time just as you have the gauge block and the ability to choose how many clocks you want on the screen. It would be a big block to preside over the main page.

    It is clear that the plugin has to continue on the web, but since it is not a block it can not be on the main page and this new block itself.

    • Hi,
      the block works slightly differently, but you can still use the Gauges block, that one is much faster to load and in many ways better than this one, so this new block does not mean you have to replace the original Gauges 🙂 I didnt on the DEMO either because I want the page to load fast and the old Gauges are absolutely enough for what I wanted to show on that page.

  2. Hi, Jachym. Thanks for the continued improvements.
    For this new block I see the possibility of choosing which clocks to display. I also miss the last update time up in the middle of the screen.

    • Hi Javier,
      it was very difficult to make this into a block, you have to remember that there are dozens of blocks loaded on the homepage, the scripts must be simple and quickly loading. Blocks are not meant to be like plugins, they work differently and in the backend I changed this block code even though it looks similar and it is optimized for faster loading, removing the middle part was part of this.
      It is not supposed to replace the plugin. Use the plugin as well.

  3. This is another great addition.
    Personally I think being able to independently select which gauges get displayed in the block would be worthwhile as you may well want less gauges than in the plugin because a block is typically much smaller than a plugin. I would want a subset of the gauges and if you just make the gauges very small you can’t read any of the text on them.
    I realise you don’t probably want to hear that – just my 2 pence worth 😉

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