Block Update – Dynamic Text 2.0

Block Update – Dynamic Text 2.0

Hi guys,

I have completely redesigned this block and made it much more sophisticated.

In this block, you now have many possible conditions/triggers. You first select if you want to enable this trigger. If yes, you provide a condition and corresponding message.

This is how the block then works:

  1. checks which conditions are enabled
  2. checks which of the enabled conditions should be activated based on the condition specified
  3. for the activated conditions it will show a message you provide in the block settings and for some you can also specify icons

If there are no messages to display, the block will simply completely disappear from the homepage and only show when there is something to display.

Conditions include:

  • specific weather conditions based on station data (temperature -above, below, change, humidity, pressure changes, precipitation, rain rate, etc etc.)
  • station online/offline
  • minutes before/after sunrise/sunset
  • specific time of the day
  • specific day of the year
  • specific date

The demo in this case is not very useful, but you will see exactly how it works when you install it and are able to access the block settings.


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