New Plugin – My Map

New Plugin – My Map

Hi guys,

I thought it would be nice to allow you to create your own map for various purposes.

This plugin allows you to easily define map parameters. First you choose the map type (terrain, road, satellite etc.), then map height, then you define unlimited number of points by GPS and you give them a title and description. Finally you select if you want to show your points on the map as markers, a connected path or both and you can even choose path color, width, opacity etc.

Finally, below the actual map will also be an interactive table, where clicking the point will take you to the actual position of that point and open the description of it.

Tip: the map allows you to select heading for it depending on which purpose you want to use it for. In the menu, if you use the default plugin syntax:

#plugin(myMap) – if you want to do this you need to update menu.php

it will be called just “map”. If you want to use your own title, you have to use the link to that plugin in the menu as if it was an external link, i.e. specify the URL of it (http://….. plugins/myMap/index.php). See the wiki section about menu for this.



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