Plugin Update – NetAtmo 2.0

Plugin Update – NetAtmo 2.0

Hi guys,

I made some optimizations in the plugin and transferred the original settings, which was done directly in the code, to the GUI of the Meteotemplate control panel. The plugin is now set up via the Plugins Setup page in your Meteotemplate control panel – just like any other plugin.

The URL of the update page remains the same.

This update adds some extra things which you will not see now, but in the future it will allow me to do much more with your NetAtmo device so it is quite useful to update even if you already have this setup. The new settings is not everything that is new (just that you won´t see the rest at this point).


If you are doing an update of this plugin, first open the update.php and write down the text you provided for the 4 parameters at the top (clientID, client secret etc.). Then update all the files in the plugin, go to your Plugin setup and provide them again and hit save. It is very important that you do this immediately after you updated the files because as soon as you do that, your original settings will be lost and database no longer updated.


2 thoughts on “Plugin Update – NetAtmo 2.0

  1. I’m quite interested in trying this because I own a Netatmo weather station in addition to my Davis Vabtsge Vue.

    I love the simplicity of the Netatmo setup, but it is not quite as accurate as the Davis. However I am considering running both. What are you planning for Netatmo users in the future?

    • Hi,
      right now the users of NetAtmo only have very limited support in Meteotemplate. Only basic db update is supported so I would like to see what else the API can provide other than the core db update.

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