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Block Update – Current Conditions 9.0

Block Update – Current Conditions 9.0

Hi guys,

updated version of the Current Conditions block also allows you to enable/disable trends. In the block settings, if you enable this, you also specify the number of hours. Then the script will look this number of hours back and calculate the trend of the corresponding parameter in that period. For wind and gust it will not use absolute values but compare the averages from the first half of that period and the second half of that period.


You specify the number of hours as 3. The temperature trend will be calculated as the difference between current temperature and the temperature 3 hours ago. Wind trend will be calculated as the difference between the wind values from the first 1.5 hours and the second 1.5 hours etc.

There are some tolerances built-in, so if for example the temperature difference is something like 0.2 degrees, it will show as “steady”. Same for other parameters (the tolerance is set differently for various parameters and units).



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