New plugin – Frequency Distributions

A new plugin for analyzing data from your station is now available.

This plugin shows you the frequency distribution of various parameters using dynamic graphs and tables.

You have many options for choosing

  • the parameter
  • graph type (line, area, bar, column)
  • resolution (bin size)
  • value returned (either percentage or total count)
  • data transformation (none, log)
  • interval (all, particular season, particular month)

Install instructions:

This time it is again very difficult ๐Ÿ™‚ You have to unzip the file, upload it to your plugin directory and then add a link in the menu.

Things to note:

  • log transformation only works for total counts, if percentage is selected, no transformation will be applied (as it would be nonsense to apply log to percentage values)
  • log transformation is useful if there is a large difference between the max and min, so it is hard to see differences between similar values
  • seasons are based on your station coordinates specified in config (i.e. latitude is used to determine which hemisphere you are at and what months correspond to which season)
  • unfortunately, due to the complexity of the calculations, this plugin does not adjust to the user specified units and will always show values in the units in which data is in the database
  • percentages are useful when comparing for example the overall average with individual years, where total count does not tell you much because it is probably much larger value than the year value. Percentages simply show you the proportion of total.


6 thoughts on “New plugin – Frequency Distributions

  1. Hi Jachym,
    Great plugin, however in my case it is showing data for 1969???
    My real data from 2011 forward is accurate. How do I eliminate the fictional 1969 data?

    • This shows when you pass to a computer date value as “0”, in IT, computers take 1st Jan 1970 as 0 and time is measured in number of seconds since then. So I assume this must be some kind of error that probably was inserted into db while you were setting it up. Simply go to your MySQL and find that one record and delete that row.

  2. I ve found the error 2010 till august is wrong the data were imported from wu the wind is wrong km instead m/s december 2009 is good but this are only a few days. I ll import 2010 tommorow again I think most issues will be away, so importing from wu is not always reliable.

    • Hi,
      ๐Ÿ˜€ when I read the first sentence I was like “oh no, something is wrong again… ” Well Im glad you like it, I looked at it, seems like your PWS went a bit crazy in 2009 ๐Ÿ˜€

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