Latest version – reminder!

Latest version – reminder!

Hi guys,

just a quick reminder. I have mentioned this many times and it is emphasized in the wiki, however I still get emails from people who have problems because they ignore this.

So, I will again mention it.

If you decide not to update to the latest template version, that is perfectly fine, everything will keep on working exactly as it is now.


From that moment you must not update/install anything new. In other words, if you are using for example version 10.0, then you must not install any newly released/updated blocks, your icons will not work.

Any new releases always assume the latest version of the template being used. I add new functions/features to the core files and so I want to make use of them in these updates, it often makes it easier for me and also many times the reason for the template update was to allow these new updates in blocks/plugins to be possible. So not updating is ok, but in such case, your page HAS TO stay “conserved” – no changes.

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  1. Good morning to you, I’m adapting your template to my site, I wanted to know how to insert more webcam via “Plugin” I have 4 webcams,
    Specific that I want to enter via “Plugin”> NO <through Blocks …
    With the blocks i can insert more webcams via (,) but i did not understand how to do with the "plugin"

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