11 thoughts on “Block Update – Dynamic Text 2.3

  1. There are no zip files in my meteotemplate/backup folder. The only one I can see relating to Dynamic Text is blockSettingsdynamicText.php. Am I looking in the right place??

  2. Just updated this block as normal (by replacing existing files on my server) and it’s over-written all the text and thresholds I carefully set up! Is there any way I can get these back? Help!
    For anyone updating, make sure you do not overwrite your settings.txt file.

    • Oops… sorry I accidentally included that file, Im afraid there is not much we can do now, always be careful when you see this, it is my mistake and settings files should never be replaced. I updated the download file and deleted it. Sorry.

  3. Hi Jachym,
    Thanks for clarifying. After your blog post earlier today I wasn’t sure. Will update to Orange 12 in a week or two when I have more time. Has the Meteobridge update including the API support been released yet?

    • Hi Simon,
      yes and pretty much everything that works with 12 will work with 11.

      Version 12 was mostly bug fixes, nothing new. And the API, but the APi is always optional so you can safely use all blocks/plugins released now.

      The problem was with v10 and 11, especially because of the icons, which are incompatible.

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