Plugin Update – Indoor Conditions 4.0

Plugin Update – Indoor Conditions 4.0

Hi guys,

I updated the indoor plugin and added support for Meteotemplate API.

If you are updating this plugin, update your setup.php, then in the plugin settings, select API for updates if you want to use this. Then, upload the updated updateIndoor.php into load/crons/ directory, replacing the original.

MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CRON JOB TO CRON.PHP KEEPS ON RUNNING – by whatever means you are running it (, meteobridge HTTP request etc.). The cron.php is not automatically executed by the SW which you use if you use the API.

For example:

Weather Display/Meteobridge will only do the CRON job for the update, so you need a separate CRON job for this (and a few other plugins which use the cron.php script). See the plugin documentation for this if unsure.


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