Plugin Update – SteelSeries 3.0

Plugin Update – SteelSeries 3.0

Hi guys,

I added an extra parameter to the setup where you can specify the gauge update timeout. This means you set the number of minutes after which the gauges will stop updating. This can be useful if for example some visitor leaves the page opened and it then updates every few seconds infinitely long. If however you set this to for example 10 minutes, then after 10 minutes the gauges will stop updating to save resources. If you set this to some very large number then it means the gauges will never stop updating.

If you are updating this plugin, make absolutely sure you update all the files, including the ones in the folders, then after you update the files go to the setup and set this new limit (in the Status section), click save and you are done.


3 thoughts on “Plugin Update – SteelSeries 3.0

  1. The yellow dot in the gauge solar radiation can be set to glow if the solar radiation exceeds a certain level (for example more than 100 Watts, user defined). Can you give us that feature?

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