Meteotemplate – What is coming

Meteotemplate – What is coming

Hi guys,

just a little information about what is coming up.

Probably quite soon I will release version 13. You might be surprised by this, but I will explain. This update will be very small; in fact I only need to update three pages. This is something I originally planned to do in v12, but I forgot about it.

I need to do this soon because it is something that will make it much easier for me to develop or improve some blocks. Theoretically I could release this as a “bug fix package”, but there are two reasons why I don´t want to do this.  First, it is not really a bug, I just need to modify something in the header, footer and index files, something that I forgot to add in last version update. And second, more importantly, in my experience people tend to ignore or miss the fact there was a bug fix package released so many don´t install it.

The update will probably take you just a few seconds. And also, because it will be a very small update file and not much could go wrong, I will allow downloading this update file without a token, so you won´t have to wait. I will probably also make an exception and prepare an update package 11->13, because it should not be difficult and might help those still using v11.

In long term I am working on another major update. Version 12 was mostly about the API, I needed to make sure it works, it was relatively difficult to synchronize and co-ordinate everything and I wanted to be sure that if something goes wrong I can only concentrate on this. But in terms of the template there was not much new.

Version 14 will therefore bring many new features, in fact I already have quite a few new scripts prepared and some of It Im really excited about and I am sure you will be as well. Many of the new features are based on your suggestions in the January questionnaire and I can already tell you that this update will bring new functions to you as an admin (control panel), bring new features for the homepage/blocks and even new pages to the default template files.

I cannot say right now when v14 will be ready, definitely not in the next few days or weeks.

In the meantime there will of course also be some block/plugin updates or new blocks/plugins.



3 thoughts on “Meteotemplate – What is coming

  1. Includes if you can in the V14 the possibility to adjust the blocks for smartphone independently of the computer. Above all it is necessary to increase the size of the letters and numbers in mobile version.

    Thank you for all your efforts.

    • Hi Javier,
      I think we discussed this many times, I will try to make it look better, but it is practically impossible when I cannot test this myself as I dont have a smartphone or tablet. And… I did have people in the past who were testing it and the problem was always the same. I changed it- someone said – yes, now it looks great and the second person said that on their phone, with different OS and screen size, it looked better before, so what works for one person does not work for the other…

  2. Sounds interesting! The only thing I am a bit nervous at every new updates/versions is will they work with all the things that I have modified/polished to fit to the look&feel and the language…
    But after all they worked from 10 to 11 and from 11 to 12 – so why shouldn’t they in the future? 🙂

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