New Block – Dynamic Graph

New Block – Dynamic Graph

Hi guys,

this new block is finally a real “interactive/dynamic” graph. First you select parameter of choice and the number of data points to preload from db. This will show initally on your page. Then, using the API, it will dynamically be adding points in realtime, so the graph will be sort of “moving forward” as new data is sent by the API script.

In the DEMO I set the interval to 30 seconds and used wind speed, which probably best illustrates how this works because it changes very quickly. Works with both dark and light themes.



2 thoughts on “New Block – Dynamic Graph

  1. That’s amazing! What would make this a killer block would be to have a parameter selector at the top, to graph various data. As a perfectionist, could we have round figures displayed as a decimal, e.g. 13.0?

    • Never happy 😀 – just joking 🙂 I appreciate your comments and comment in the future as well. The rounding thing is handled by Highcharts so it will be a bit more problematic. I will see. This was just like a first test of dynamic graphs as such (btw. those of you wondering about yesterday´s update – this for example will not work in any other version below 12) 🙂

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