Meteotemplate Recommended Software

Meteotemplate Recommended Software

Hi guys,

at the Meteotemplate homepage I added a new section on the left “Recommended Software”. In this section you will find a list of SW, which support the API and thus guarantee you will be able to use Meteotemplate to its full potential, ensuring highly accurate and reliable data and very easy to set up.

This is not a definite list of programs which Meteotemplate supports, but for some features the API is required. If you are using a different means of updating and would like to see the API built-in whatever software you use, then just ask the developer and send them link to the API page in the WIKI and let me know if they are interested so that I can add them to the “Recommended SW” as well.


5 thoughts on “Meteotemplate Recommended Software

  1. What about installing a Forum where interested Meteotemplate users can share their experiences with the template? The experiences on updating, installing, polishing, modding, etc?

    • Hi Reinhard,
      I did get this question before, but it is not at all easy to do it, there are of course built-in solutions, but just ask how time consuming it is to manage a forum. I will rather devote my time, which is obviously quite limited, to develop new things, improve things and support people. That I think is better than spending time deleting spam, installing forums, dealing with problems. The added value of such forum is very little. I am realistic. 600 users is nothing. Just think about how many people would really use the forum. Maybe 10-20. And very occasionally.
      For this, the wxforum or the WD forum is ideal and it works fine.
      If someone wants to leave a comment there is the guestbook as well and each post here in the blog also allows you commenting.

      • Ok,
        it was only a thought. I use to look into our WeatherCat forum every day and alone the topic Meteotemplate has been accessed nearly 10500 times till now. As said, these readers are only WeatherCat users or interested in this software, but obviously at least interested in Meteotemplate, too.
        But I agree: manage a forum maybe a time intensive job, according to how many people use this forum. On the other side many issues with the software (or more special with the user of this software) maybe solved between users without interaction of the developer: So maybe there are less *I-need-help-eMails* in your inbox. 😉

        • It would be nice if Stu released the WC Api version, it is still not out and no-one can use it…. which Im surprised, the stuff is ready it is just a matter of releasing it

        • Yep,
          there are some things missing for Meteotemplate (TIN, HIN) and of course other software developers – but in a few days he will release a new Beta that suits all the needs: Gets to be tested on my side for suiting with your template ond on some others for the other software and if its good I am sure Stu will release it for public.

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