6 thoughts on “Block Update – Current Conditions – Big – 3.0

  1. Hello,
    I understand your point but I beg to differ. I will try and do something on my own.

    Your script is very useful to me though. I would never have been able to do a tenth of what you did here.


    • Sure. Though I really think it is not possible. There is simply no way you can tell snow from rain, no way you can tell a fog, a thunderstorm, amount of clouds and for over half of users (like me), not even if it is cloudy or sunny.

      For the interactive header I use METAR and previously I used Yahoo and Weather Underground. These give much more accurate results than any script based on just station data will give, I am sure you will agree with that. And still – so many people complained when they saw conditions that did not match…

      Script based on station data will be inaccurate 80% of the time. So you think to yourself what is the point. It could only tell rain (but not snow) and maybe if you have solar, it could tell cloudy from sunny. Thats it…

  2. It would be displayed, for instance, on the main page, close to the current condition data.

    There are two ways to tell the current condition: first would be to rely on the information provided by WeatherDisplay (clientraw.txt > field 049 (Weather Desc)). It would be easy to pair every other description to an icon.

    Second would be a deduction from current weather condition. It would mainly rely on the solar radiation sensor (which you do not own, I know, but yet it is not /obviously/ impossible). At any given time, and place it is possible to calculate the highest radiation influx. Comparing the actual reading to the highest possible influx would show whether it is sunny (say >80% max influx), partly cloudy, cloudy, etc. Rain, wind, snow are easier to interpolate.

    If you cannot code something from scratch using station data, it would be very nice (at least to me) to have a block that displays field 049 from WeatherDisplay in the form of an icon.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi,
      unfortunately impossible for several reasons:

      – Meteotemplate does not use clientraw.txt, Weather Display sends data directly via the API script, clientraw is not used
      – over half of users, including me, do not have solar sensor. And even if you have one – your solar sensor measures global radiation, not sunglight. This means that there is no direct correlation between partly sunny, sunny, or even mostly sunny, you cannot tell
      – there is no way you can tell difference between snow and rain
      – no way to tell difference between rain and thunderstorm

      So in conclusion, you could basically only tell two conditions:
      – raining/snowing/drizzeling/thunderstorm
      – cloudy/partly cloudy, mostly cloudy – and this is only for users with solar sensor (not that many)

      That is not very great is it… and for over half of users like me without solar sensor it would be only:
      – raining (thunderstorm, maybe rain, maybe snow…)
      – not raining (maybe cloudy, maybe sunnny, maybe partly cloudy, maybe fog.-.)

      I am sure you agree this is useless… people would only complain. It is better not to show anything than this nonsense

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for this excellent work. Would it be possible to add an icon displaying the sky current condition (sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, etc.)? To put it simply, is it possible to show the icon shown on the Saratoga script?

    • Hi,
      your comment is verry vague – display where? The problem with this is that obviously we cannot use your station data, there is no way to tell if it is cloudy, partly cloudy, snowing etc. just from station data and so it would always rely on external service, which in my experience never provides 100% accurate results

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