New Plugin – Pollen Calendar

New Plugin – Pollen Calendar

Hi guys,

I created a pollen calendar for the U.K. and I decided to merge it with the already existing Czech pollen calendar.

The Czech pollen calendar plugin is therefore discontinued and replaced by this general “Pollen calendar” plugin, which currently includes the original Czech one and one for the U.K.

Also make sure you update your menu.php, delete your Czech pollen calendar link and include the new one.



3 thoughts on “New Plugin – Pollen Calendar

  1. Loaded it and put on the menu tab but it is not showing up. I did a clear cache and same thing. I put it under Health and Weather but only thing showing is the Flu plugin. I deleted and reinstalled too just to make sure.

    • Did you update your menu.php? I cannot emphasize this more 😀 It is mentioned 3 times in the wiki, videotutorial and plugin documentation. Please read the last paragraph (and the one in the middle if you want..) of the menu section in the wiki.

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