Plugin Update – Stickers 7.0

Plugin Update – Stickers 7.0

Hi guys,

new in version 7 (all for the interactiveSticker):

  • auto support of the API – you don´t need to change anything. The script will automatically detect if you are using the API and if yes, use current conditions loaded from the live conditions file (i.e. your data will be more up-to-date, not loaded from the db, but directly from the live file and this will also improve performance because it bypasses the database)
  • improved decimal places handling
  • optimization

Note: This plugin of course still supports the original scripts if you are not using the API and it is worth updating even for those not using the API because it should run faster and include some minor bug fixes and tweaks. Also, if in the future you start using the API, the interactive sticker will automatically switch to data from it.



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