New Plugin – WxSim forecast

A new plugin is now available, which uses the WxSim software logs to display forecasted conditions using graphs, tables and icons.

Main features:
– dynamic graphs of various parameters forecasted by WxSim
– textual forecast for upcoming days
– detailed forecast for user-specified hours, including icons and possibility to display all the parameters

Install instructions:
– download and unzip the files
– open forecast.php and set up the script in the specified section
– upload the files to your server and add link to the menu
– given the log files are relatively difficult to work with as they are inconsistent and also the fact I do not have wxSim myself, it is possible that your file might not be loaded 100% correctly, in such case feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do to make it work for you

DEMO (please note: I do not have WxSim myself, so the demo uses a static sample file and does not change)

A few notes about the settings:
In the settings, you have to set up several parameters:

  • $fieldSeparator = “,”;
    This is the symbol used to separate fields in your latest.csv
  • $fix23h = false;
    There is a bug in WxSim, which in some cases causes 11PM to show as the next day already. Check your latest.csv output to see if this applies to you.
  • $recordsInterval = 0.5;
    Interval between forecasts in latest.csv in hours. Most likely 0.5 or 1
  • $rainLimits = array(2,4,6,8,10);
    In the detailed forecast there is an icon for rain. This droplet icon is blank if rain=0. Then, there are several different icons which basically show the droplet filling in. Here you can set the intervals that you want to use for this. So for example in the above case, the least filled droplet would be between 0 and 2, next would be between 2 and 4 etc. In total you must enter 5 numbers. If the precipitation is above the last number, the droplet will be completely filled in. The point of this setting is that the amount of rainfall differs between locations and if this was set as fixed values, in some places it could be constantly filled in whereas at other places, it rains much less and so even smaller values would already be unusual.
  • $pathLatest = “latest.csv”;
    Path to your latest.csv (relative or absolute)
  • $pathPlain = “plaintext.txt”;
    Path to your plaintext.txt (relative or absolute)
  • $defaultForecastHours = array(3,9,15,21);
    The user can choose which hours of the day to show in the detailed forecast. However, here you can specify the default values which are shown when the page is loaded for the first time.

16 thoughts on “New Plugin – WxSim forecast

  1. About menu settings,

    I cannot add a menu. If I do the last menu disappears.
    If i change the menu text all menus disappaer. I now have 9 menu items.

    this is menuItems.txt:
    {“weatherStation”:{“name”:”weather station”,”namespace”:”weatherStation”,”tabIcon”:”mticon-station”,”content”:”>>>\n>> live\n#default(currentData)\n>> interactive views\n#default(interactiveGraph)\n#default(interactiveTable)\n#default(intervalSummary)\n>> reports\n#default(reports)\n>> trends\n#default(trends)\n>>>\n>> statistics\n#default(statisticsT)\n#default(statisticsA)\n#default(statisticsD)\n#default(statisticsH)\n#default(statisticsP)\n#default(statisticsW)\n#default(statisticsG)\n#default(statisticsR)\n#default(statisticsS)\n>>>\n>>\n#default(statisticsDay)\n#default(statisticsNight)\n#default(seasons)\n#default(rainSeasons)\n>>\n#default(calendar)\n#default(history)”,”link”:null},”weather”:{“name”:”weather”,”namespace”:”weather”,”tabIcon”:”mticon-weather”,”content”:”>>>\n>> forecast\n#default(outlook)\n>> current conditions\n#default(globalMap)\n#default(metar)”,”link”:null},”climate”:{“name”:”climate”,”namespace”:”climate”,”tabIcon”:”mticon-outlook”,”content”:”>>>\n#default(climateMap)\n#default(climateIndices)”,”link”:null},”astronomy”:{“name”:”astronomy”,”namespace”:”astronomy”,”tabIcon”:”mticon-solarsystem”,”content”:”>>>\n#default(moonPhase)\n#default(astroCalendar)\n#default(sunTimes)\n#default(solsticeEquinox)\n#default(annualSolarMax)\n>>>\n#default(asteroids)\n#default(dayNight)”,”link”:null},”info”:{“name”:”info”,”namespace”:”info”,”tabIcon”:”fa fa-info-circle”,”content”:”>>>\n>> about\n#default(aboutLocation)\n#default(aboutPage)\n#default(aboutStation)\n#default(links)”,”link”:null},”undefined”:{“name”:”apiViewer”,”namespace”:”undefined”,”tabIcon”:”undefined”,”content”:””,”link”:”http:\/\/\/clientraw\/wd-ajax-ml\/meteotemplate\/plugins\/apiViewer\/”},”forecastNL_2.1\/forecastNL\/”:{“name”:”ForecastNL”,”namespace”:”forecastNL_2.1\/forecastNL\/”,”tabIcon”:””,”content”:””,”link”:”http:\/\/\/clientraw\/wd-ajax-ml\/meteotemplate\/\/plugins\/forecastNL\/index.php”},”http:\/\/\/clientraw\/wd-ajax-ml\\meteotemplate\/plugins\/wxSim\/forecast.php”:{“name”:”Wxsim”,”namespace”:”http:\/\/\/clientraw\/wd-ajax-ml\\meteotemplate\/plugins\/wxSim\/forecast.php”,”tabIcon”:””,”content”:””,”link”:null},””:{“name”:”Steel gauges”,”namespace”:””,”tabIcon”:””,”content”:””,”link”:”http:\/\/\/clientraw\/wd-ajax-ml\/meteotemplate\/plugins\/steelSeries\/index.php”}}
    this is menuOrder.txt:

    9 menus is not too much, is it ?

  2. Jachym,
    Great work !! thnks for all the goodies

    It’s all fine , but…

    I have 2 Wxsim items in the menu. The first lead to nothing the second is oke.
    How I try to ‘delete’ (icon) the first one nothing happend.
    Will I try in the menuItems.txt, menuOrder.txt ?
    (but cannot find out begin and end of the scripts…..)

  3. Hi Jachym,
    All very well however from a development point of view you can fully utilise and develop outputs from wxsim regardless, as has been mentioned before on many occassions. All you need to do is download it and use it. you do not even require purchase nor input of local data to obtain outputs, by doing that you would then fully understand it’s outputs. Variable as they are, there are still easy standard core outputs !.

  4. Hi Jachym,

    Going back to questions back in 2015 mentioned above (regards DST), do you think you may address them one day before creating yet another plugin or block.
    It has been a while now waiting.

    • Hi Tony,
      some time ago I decided I really cannot develop stuff I dont have/cannot test myself, or at least not in a situation where there is no clear documentation and possibility to test things. I have received several requests for updates that would for example include the extra sensors, which I dont have, including stuff related to WxSIM. I have tried many times (the WxSIM block) and it took ages and usually did not work perfeclty anyway. I also think that Tom might be making some changes based on the posts he recently posted on the WD forum. I was rather considering deprecating this plugin completely, but then just left it there in case it works fine for some. I know you can say – thats your problem – and it is, but in the mean time, the entire MT is provided as is, with no guarantees.

  5. Hi Jachym,

    Also noticed on the Wind Speed Graph the mouse over tooltip displays ;
    Wind direction: incorrect shows wind speed.
    Wind speed: Correct shows wind speed.

    On the Humidity Graph the mouse over tooltip displays;
    Pressure: (instead of Humidity) but correctly displays humidity value.
    Although all are off because of the 1 hour DST.

  6. Hi Jachym,

    Forgot to mention, you will see I run WxSim forecasts for around 9.5 days out, and the scripts seem to work handle that no problem.
    Kind regards,

  7. Hi Jachym,
    Thanks for the first pass on WxSim Plugin.
    I have a few questions and one issue.

    1: I just went through ST to DST this morning and the Graphs are displaying 1 hour behind time. ie. 17:00 hrs is displaying Temp for 18:00hrs.
    This goes back to what I told you months ago that WxSim does not adjust latest.csv Date/Times during DST and also the reason I only use Lastret.txt because it does.
    See Compares:

    or is there an adjustment function I have missed.

    2: Is there an intent to add Storm/Probability to the Graphs as per my example : click on the “Thunder/Dewp” tab, I realise info is in the detail popups you have greatly included and snow on precip graph , just nice to see storms as well.

    3: Is there an intent to add Cloud Cover as per your Global Forecasts, would be nice.

    4: Is there an intent to add the ability to replace input on the index.php (“forecast”) to reflect WxSim Forecast as the current one is totally incorrect and irrelevant to my location (they never get it right) plus as I already produce an onsite WxSim Forecast it makes sense to only display that.

    5: Would it be possible to display the Graphs with a similar colour format to they way you display the Global Forecasts, ie. varying colours for each unit type rather than the current Theme (one colour) format.

    6: Is there an intent to display Soil Temp/Soil Moist data other than just the Detailed Popup. more along the lines of example: and click Grass and Soil Tab.

    As mentioned earlier, thank you so much and great job on the first pass, well done. Note: above are purely as texted (questions not requests).

    Kind regards,

  8. Welcome this great plugin.

    Every week we have surprises, ……he he

    I was surprised by the amount of information that Jachym has managed extracting files to WXSIM

    Good work Jachym

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