Plugin Update – U.S. Radar 2.0

Plugin Update – U.S. Radar 2.0

Hi guys,

U.S. radar plugin is probably one of the oldest plugins I have made and never really updated. It is unbelievable, but this plugin is almost 1 and a half years old and since then I learned a lot of new things and doing things better. Today this plugin was more or less useless because even the block could do more.

I therefore decided to redesign this plugin from scratch. I concentrated on the actual image, so I made it as large as possible. I also didn´t want anything like “national” or “regional”. Instead I used an interactive map and overlayed the images over the map so you can just zoom in and move around using the map.

I also added various layers. You can combine them together, set opacity for each, set the order in which they are layed on top of each other and you have two base maps available (terrain, road).

Available layers include:

  • NEXRAD Composite
  • GOES Water Vapor
  • GOES Visible
  • Above layers in detail for: E, W, N
  • Alaska Visible
  • Alaska IR
  • Alaska Water Vapor
  • Hawaii Visible
  • 1h precipitation
  • 24h precipitation
  • 48h precipitation
  • 72h precipitation
  • Hybrid-Scan Reflectivity Composite

IMPORTANT!!! You need to update your menu.php, the new link is different.



4 thoughts on “Plugin Update – U.S. Radar 2.0

  1. Some very nice improvements. With the US being a rather large country can the state borders be added to the map to help give perspective on where exactly things might be located?

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