New plugin and plugin update

New plugin – Contact

There is now a new plugin available called “Contact”.

I think it is pretty obvious what it does. It is a captcha-protected contact form, which users can use to send you feedback.


  1. Download the zip file and open sendFeedback.php
  2. Specify the email address where you want to send the emails (“to”), specify the “from” email address and possibly specify any IPs you want to ban from sending you anything (explained in comments in the actual file).
  3. Save and upload to your plugins directory as usual.
  4. Add a link to your Info tab in the menu to the contact.php. You can use the contact icon included in the zip file and just copy and paste the code as it is on the meteotemplate demo menu now.


Plugin update – City conditions

The city conditions (weather around the world) plugin has been updated to version 2.0.

New features/changes:

  • added new parameter – fire danger index
  • cities in the bottom table are now sorted alphabetically
  • new sets of locations
  • design tweaks


  1. If you have not made any changes (i.e. not created any custom location sets) you can simply replace the files with the new ones.
  2. If you have created some new sets of locations, simply copy these somewhere else, replace the files and then paste them back as they were. The part of the code and format of this is not changed.


1 thought on “New plugin and plugin update

  1. Added “Contact” and updated to cityConditions v.2.0. Both very easy to do, and fun to add your own list… Canada – Ontario places

    Well done again Jachym.


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