Plugin Update – WL-IP 3.0

Plugin Update – WL-IP 3.0

Hi guys,

this is a major change in the way this plugin works. The change is in that now the WeatherLink updates will be handled by the API script, the WL update script will only load the data and then pass it to the API.

This means you will have to make a few changes, but in the mean time, it brings you at least some advantages of the API (obviously we cannot have all the advantages because that would require co-operation of Davis with me, which is…. let´s say unlikely :D)

The change is that in all blocks which use realtime data, where you originally specified update type as “WL”, you will now choose “API”. I made sure the original update script URL remains the same, so you do NOT have to make any changes to your CRON job, this will stay the same. The only change is that once you update this plugin, you will have to change the “update type” in blocks like “current conditions”, “gauges” etc. to “API”.

Advantages of this new API handling of the script:

  • nicely rounded times in the database (10:00:00, 10:05:00, 10:10:00 etc.)
  • better error handling (the API is more sophisticated than the original script)
  • possibility to use all the blocks which are only supported by the API
  • now also possible to use indoor data – temperature and humidity, including indoor block


  • Meteotemplate v14.0+

Update instructions:

  • make a backup of the original wlIPupdate.php
  • replace the corresponding files with files from v3.0
  • leave the script running for a few minutes and double check your database is being updated! If you see it is not, quickly delete the new script and revert back to the original wlIPUpdate.php and contact me (I have very limited possibilities for testing this because I do not have Davis station or WL so it is possible there could be some problem)
  • if everything seems to be working change update type in corresponding blocks which will otherwise stop working

Hopefully it will work…



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