Bug Fix Package 14.1

Bug Fix Package 14.1

Hi guys,

first of all thanks to everyone who got back to me either reporting an issue or just saying everything went fine, I really appreciate your feedback!

Based on this feedback I prepared fixes for a few pages, hopefully this should solve all the problems.


  • open each of the folders in the fix package and replace the corresponding files on your server
  • then replace the sitemap.php in the template root
  • do NOT upload the README.txt file, it only includes link to this instructions page
  • now go to your Main settings of the template and just click Save to update the settings file

The package can be found – as always – at the Downloads page in the menu on the left. You do NOT need a token for this.

I have also updated the download files so if you are still using older version and want to update, you can now download the full package or update package directly to v14.1.


8 thoughts on “Bug Fix Package 14.1

  1. Dear Jachym,

    what is the normal step to get the token- do I need it everytime I want an update? the one I got from you for the current version (13) is invalid. So is the procedure that I send you an email every time I want to update? or is it stored in one of the files on my server?


  2. For those of us still to upgrade, will the main package include these bug fixes and new menu, or will we need to download the update, followed by the bug fixes and menu?

    • Hi Simon,
      yes, the new update file will directly install 14.1 including the fixes (both main template file and the update package).

      However menu.php you need to update separately, but this is now possible directly from the template menu. The menu is always separate, but it is a matter of one click to update it.

  3. Hi Jachym,
    thank you for the bug fix package! Now the file update works fine!
    Best regards!

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