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Bug Fix 14.2

Bug Fix 14.2

Hi guys,

sorry for another fix we all mistakes so I hope you bear with me, it should only take you a few seconds to fix this. There is one more problem with the api.php.

  • new users: download the main file, which is directly version 14.2
  • users updating from version <14 – the update package has been updated to v14.2 directly
  • users of v14.0 – apply bug fix package 14.1 and then bug fix package 14.2
  • users of 14.1 – apply bug fix package 14.2 (only replace api.php and install/setup.php and in the Main settings then click Save to update config.php)

Bug fix packages are found at the Downloads page in the menu on the left.

Hopefully there wont be any more problems…


2 thoughts on “Bug Fix 14.2

  1. Jachym

    I hit a small issue upgrading from 14.0 > .1 > .2

    It appears that something in menu.php went a bit sideways, and in the ID home-subnav the variable $special is returning “f” and the small icon on the navbar broken.

    This does not appear to have been broken prior to the two updates I applied today, but I did not test between …


    • Never mind … must have been something odd in cache as testing on another box doesn’t show the error … should have 2x checked 1st – sorry

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